Hoyle & Mildred Case
Hoyle & Mildred Case

Grandpa Case gets saved

Dad was 19 when he got saved and prepared for ministry while living at home but not much else changed in his father’s drinking and other bad habits.  Two years went by when one Friday evening Dad was at a YPE (Young People’s Endeavor) service at the Tremont Avenue CoG when his uncle came to get him.  “Your dad sent me for you; he wants to get saved tonight!”  Stunned Dad thought either the booze had driven his dad crazy or dare he think it might be a miracle?!  As he walked in the front door, saw his dad seated on the divan, sober and dressed, he knew it was the miracle.  His dad told him he wanted to get saved right there and then so to their knees they went.  So then, for the next four or so hours, they prayed.  Grandpa confessed every sin he could remember in detail, he cried hot tears of repentance past midnight and finally looked up, got up and said, “That’s it, I’m saved!”  They both were exhausted and went to bed.


Later that morning Dad awoke with a start not realizing he had slept later than usual, dressed and slipped into the kitchen where Grandma was cooking breakfast.  “Where’s Dad, Mommy?” he asked afraid to hear the answer.  His Dad’s normal Saturday behavior was to get out and about early securing his booze allotment for the weekend.   “Well, he’s in the bedroom reading, Hoyle”.  Dad crept quietly down the hall so as not to disturb him and saw the door slightly ajar.  Tentatively he opened it a crack further, looked in to see his dad in a rocking chair with his back to the door, reading a Church of God Evangel magazine!  Amazed, Dad pulled the door back again, quietly as he could, turned and tiptoed back to his room.  He said he had to put the pillow over his head so he could shout and have a “camp meeting” in his soul; IT WAS REAL! His father had gotten saved!


Just a note here about Grandpa; he eventually pastured Churches of God in SC for about 18 years before he retired!  I only knew him as a “preacher-man”, consummate fisherman and loving grandfather.


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