Hoyle & Mildred Case
Hoyle & Mildred Case

Holme's Bible College

He soon felt conflicted having defied his father so he decided to go home, face the consequences and share his experience and calling.  Much to his surprise (and may I add, our family’s benefit) Grandpa didn’t kill him, he didn’t even bring it up!  When Dad shared about the calling he had received and a desire to better prepare for it he told his dad he wanted to attend Holmes Bible College back in Greenville so Grandpa packed up the family and moved back so Dad could live at home.  I’m not sure how he paid for tuition and books, probably from his own savings but I do remember him telling about the one term he had the great sum of a nickel to his name that he spent a thousand or more times, holes in his shoes but a burning desire to learn as much about God and sharing the Gospel as he could so as to be ready whenever the opportunity opened.


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