Hoyle & Mildred Case
Hoyle & Mildred Case


This will be an ongoing project to put the ministry life in timeline format. Please provide information, pictures and personal accounts that may be added to enhance this memorial website.

This page will become more detailed as I research the boxes of records, documents and pictures brought from Tennessee after Mom died.


Dad’s first church prior to marriage was Morristown, TN and I hope to get specific dates as I continue to research.


1938-1942    India

1943-1945    Santiago de Cuba

1945-            York, SC

                    McCall, SC

                    Roswell, NM 

                    Abbyville, SC

1950- 1952   Cheraw, SC

1952-1955    Great Falls, SC

1955-1958    Santiago de Cuba

1959-1960    Matanzas, Cuba

1961-1962    Wimauma, FL (evangelizing)

1962-1963    San Bruno, CA (Bay Area)

1963-1965    Westminster, CA (Orange County)

1965-1967    Tucson, AZ (Ajo Way)

1967-1972    Tulare, CA

1972-1974    Hanford, CA



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